2017 Membership Promotion “High Stakes Poker”

1st Hand Winner: $2,500

2nd Hand Winner: $1,000


How to play?

Sponsor a new member and you will qualify to play a

hand of cards at the year-end poker game!




Sponsor a Builder: 2 cards will be dealt

Sponsor an Associate: 1 card will be dealt

For every 4 Affiliates sponsored: 1 card will be dealt

Attend ALL Retention Callings: 2 cards will be dealt

Attend 10 Retention Callings: 1 card will be dealt



At each Board meeting, Board members who sponsored new members during that month will be dealt a card for the number of members they recruited.  Sponsors have the option to accept the card(s) to play at the year-end poler game OR give the card(s) back and be dealt new card(s) at the year-end game.


All HMCBA members are eligible to enter into the Poker Game by recruiting new members throughout the year.  For each new member recruited, all recruiters will be dealt a card(s) at the year-end poker game.  Recruit NOW and play poker with a chance to win the Big Poker Hand!

Members who are currently eligible to play:

Scott Lang

Wendy Lee

Kenneth Maze

Ginny Terry

Consumer Area


Retention Calling Winners!


John Gann

of John G Gann

& Company

Jackie Motter

of All Weather Heating

& Air Conditioning Inc.


Mercedes Holte

of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Michelle White

of Wilson Lumber


Verrick Green

of Green Roofing

& Construction

Jackie Motter

of All Weather Heating

& Air Conditioning Inc.



Russ Wilson

Cards dealt at year-end game

  • Bret Slaton
  • Bobby Pack
  • Jim Jones
  • Joe Copp
  • Kim Shaw
  • Mike Thompson
  • Quinton Hanson
  • Russ Wilson
  • Teletha Ledfors (x3)
  • Tim Reeves
  • Todd Slyman
  • Trevor Cole

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