The Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association, Inc. (H/MCBA) approves grants through its Foundation (Huntsville/Madison County Builders Foundation, Inc.).  Interested organizations should complete the grant request form. To download the form click here.


Organizations wishing consideration for their projects may apply as per the following guidelines:


  1. Only projects of a secular non denominational, non discriminatory nature are considered.
  2. Requests will be accepted between January 1 and March 1.
  3. All requests are to be requested by completing a Foundation Grant Application and may include drawings, models, pictures and specifications as well as endorsements pertaining to the project.
  4. The project packet submitted will not be returned.  If the submitting organization wishes to pick up the packet, they have 30 days from the decision date to pick up the packet from the Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association.  If not picked up, they will be disposed of.
  5. Any project may be resubmitted during the next available time frame as described above.  The request must be resubmitted by following the same grant request procedure.
  6. The H/MCBA may not choose to do a charitable project in some years.  Though it will try to notify, upon inquiry, its intention, it cannot warrant a project undertaking.
  7. The H/MCBA may decide not to take on a total project, but may feel its involvement be one of partial participation.  Each submitting entity may wish to have alternate or partial involvement segments of its project for its consideration.
  8. Once chosen, the reason or rationale for the selection of a project or partial project is the sole and private business of the Board of Directors of the H/MCBA and the Huntsville/Madison County Builders Foundation, Inc.


Questions should be directed to Barry Oxley, Executive Officer, at 536-2602.

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